What kind of diet should you follow during pregnancy?

The nine months of motherhood are the most special time, where you not only take care of yourself but also the little being growing up inside you. Though this is a particular time, pregnancy has its perk such as morning sickness, feeling nauseous, and not feeling to eat any food, not to mention coping with changes in your hormones and physical fitness. When it comes to pregnancy myths, there are so many myths involved; you would not believe. Everyone advises you to take something or the other for the wellbeing of your child and yourself, and you end up consuming in all those foods, which results in nothing but the acidity and other indigestion problem, giving you more pain.

The old fashion beliefs

If you start discussing your pregnancy with your parents or grandparents, then you will realize that there is a sea change in your ideas and their opinions. They will ask you to cut out on your gym practice and not to do any physical exercise because that may harm the baby. They will also tell you that you need to eat for two meaning doubling the amount of your food. They will ask you to indulge in any craving that you want and to limit your water intake so that it cuts out in your frequent bathroom visits.

What should then be your diet?

Scientists have researched a lot and finally, have decided that following your usual diet will be the best way. In the first six months of pregnancy, you do not need to take in any other portion of food, only in the last three months; you might increase your diet that too by 200 calories a day. You should take a light 20 to 30 minutes of work out to avoid some of the cramps. Do not, however, eat anything and everything you want because it might mess up your digestive system. You should always opt for healthier options. Also, do not cut out all kinds of fat. Right certain fats do not bring anything good for your bodies such as saturated fats and Trans fats which are found in French fries, but you can feast on avocados, nuts, flaxseed, and olive oil. You can check out here to know about pregnancy diets and myths related to it.

Just remember to stick on to healthy items during your pregnancy, and cut out on junk foods that you usually tend to have. Do not worry too much about your diet; you will know when you want to have and what you want to have. Just be happy and stress-free and enjoy the initial phases of motherhood.

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