What Do We To Keep In Mind In Website Development

PSD to HTML is a very important step in website development. It helps you convert your website’s extension designs into a more semantic, cleaner, static, error-free, high quality, hand-coded, well commented, cross-browser compatible with W3c Validated HTML/XHTML/CSS mark-ups. An effective and proper HTML coding is one of the most integral aspects which add functionality and usability into a PSD format. A PSD format is a static web layout that has higher compatibility. This high-quality styling and amazing markup are two of the most vital factors which need to be considered in order to develop a great website.

How To Make A Well-Developed Website?

It takes intense attention, proper knowledge and a considerable amount of experience to code the design concept to HTML. There are many cases in which developers lack this attention and end up making a few common mistakes. However, you can always improve on your skills and get better at converting PSD to HTML/XHTML/CSS. Some of the best HTML practices that help you get a clean website with valid mockups are further mentioned below:

•Avoid Inline Styles: This is a must. Avoiding inline styling while working on a markup can help you efficiently make a website look better. You should instead go for styling once your website page is completely coded.

•Code Validation: Validating the XHTML/HTML/CSS codes of your web page is a must to detect all coding errors. Coding errors can happen to anyone, it is not about how good you are at developing a website. However, checking to see if you have corrected those is what really matters. Validating the codes can easily help you find rendering errors if any.

•Lower-Cased Tag Names: Mark-ups should never be capitalized as it does not serve a lot of purposes except for affecting the code readability. As per the professional standards and industry practices, you should keep the mark-ups of every web page in lower case. This will also reduce stress on your eyes.

•Avoid Mountain Of Div Tags: Div tags are usually used by web developers to wrap paragraphs. In addition to this, you can use div around multiple div tags which include more div tags as well. This will result in a huge pile of div labels which can be very inefficient and you should avoid it at all costs.

Keeping in mind these certain points can help you build an efficient and amazing website. This is why if you are not properly trained in working with XHTML/HTML codes, it can be very daunting for you. An efficient website is very integral to the development of a business in the market and should be given extra care.

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