What are the things to stay aware of while buying an espresso machine?

Buying a new espresso machine is not as easy as it seems. You cannot pick up just another machine that you see in the market. There are several facets that you have to consider. Otherwise, you will have a machine that fails to work just after a few days. A wrong machine will also need frequent repairs. You will end up spending all the cash on the repairs of the machine and ultimately, buying the machine will turn out to be a loss. The following are the things to be aware of while buying an espresso machine.

1. Durability:

You need to know the amount of work that the machine can handle before you buy it. Any professional-grade machine can work all day long without any malfunction. The small machines can get overheated or break if you try to use it for a whole day. Do not go for a cheap variety of machine that fails to work after a couple of runs. Try to check the number of beans that the machine can hold and if there is an additional grinder present in it. The tank should also hold sufficient amounts of water.

2. Grinding capacity:

There are two kinds of grinding possible in an espresso machine. One is a separate grinder, and the other is an in-built grinder. The ones with an inbuilt grinder need to have a separate one as well. If you make coffee for a lot of people every day, then you will need a grinder with extra capacity. In-built grinders are really helpful, but you need something that drops the coffee grinds in the basket without any help from you.

3. Water storage capacity:

Most of the best espresso machine under $300 has enough storage capacity for water to make eight cups of espresso. There are machines that have small tanks with filling sprouts, and these machines need you to have a funnel. The high-end machines have the facility to get connected to a water source, like a water dispenser or refrigerator. But before you get such a machine, make sure that you have the right water source for it. The commercial machines are generally easy to use, and there is no need for hooking it up with a fancy water source. 

There are several other factors like frothing capacity that you also need to take care of. Most of the machines come with a frothing mechanism. But you will not get such a part in the machines that are really cheap. So, you need to decide whether you need the frothing in your coffee, or else you can do without that part of the machine.

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