What are the things to look for at the open houses?

Touring open houses all weekend can become both fun and daunting when you are hunting for a new house. You have to keep track of which house had a great kitchen and which one offered a horrible master bedroom, and it can all feel too much to take. There is no perfect house as every house will have some or other flaws, but there are certain things that you cannot overlook. The following are the top five things that you need to check when touring the open houses.

The condition of the roof

You must look beyond the bathroom and kitchen and consider the structure of the home in Trulia. The roof forms one of the most critical parts of the structure of any home. The typical span of longevity for a roof is till twenty years, but the cost of replacing one is quite high, depending on how much repair you need to do. Pay close attention to the condition and age of the roof before making the offer.

The foundation of the home

Everything about the home rests on the foundation, and that is where you should lay the most importance. You can ignore the superficial blemishes, but the wide cracks in the foundation are not likely to be worth the time and hassle that comes with fixing it.

The septic or sewer system

Many people remain in the dark when it comes to the septic or sewer systems, and that is not the right thing to do. It is the responsibility of the homeowner and not the city if something goes wrong. The conditions of the sewer system are not something that people usually go for while inspecting a home and spending some time in inspecting that can save you a lot on future costs.

Enquire about past insurance claims

Enquire if people have filed any insurance claims on the house and the reasons for filling the claim. The answers to this question can offer insights into the past issues that do not become evident at an open house. Ask about flood insurance as well if the house is near a lake or pond or such water bodies.

Check for noticeable water damage

Uber for Real Estate mentions that if you see the basement storage and utility systems propped a few inches off the ground, then it is an indication of water issues. Pay close attention to the furnishings as well and check that the place has no musty smell.

You should also check the electrical system to understand if the fixings and systems are outdated. The old electrical systems might stay functional, but they are still a high safety risk to consider.

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