What are the essential factors to look for while buying a new shoe?

Are you looking forward to buying a new pair of shoes? Be it for running or a pair for your casual outfit, it is essential that you buy the right fit to get the ultimate comfort. But with the wide range of options available in the market, people often end up getting confused and ends up with the wrong pair of shoes. So, while choosing a pair of shoes, there are much more things to look for apart from the preferences. So, here is a checklist which you need to follow when it comes to choosing the right pair of shoe for yourself.

Tips for finding the perfect pair of shoes

The quality of the shoe material

Even though you might get shoes for a low price, but that doesn’t mean that you should buy them. When you settle for shoes made out of cheap material such as PU leather, they might look fancy at first along with a lower price which makes it a lucrative deal. But when you wear those shoes for a longer period of time, they start wearing out, and that is one of the most primary reasons why you should always go for shoes that are made out of high-quality materials such as pure leather or suede as they will stay much longer regardless of how frequent you use them.

The shape of your feet

While buying a shoe, you should always try them before buying them. Even though the shoe perfectly fits the length of your shoe, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will fit the width of your feet too. If you have a high arc or a flat foot, that you should wear the shoes and walk a little to make sure that it is providing you with enough comfort.


Apart from the material and the look of the shoes, another important factor which plays a huge role in every shoe is the workmanship of the shoe. While buying a shoe, make sure that you have thoroughly gone through the stitching or the pasting of the shoe. And if you find any corner that is missing a stitch or has extra glue, then you should always look for an alternative.

Versatility and practicality of the shoe

Having a pair of fancy shoe is a good choice, but that doesn’t remain the same when you need to buy a shoe that you will frequently wear. Choosing an odd color might help you to stand out amongst the others but, can it be paired with other wears too? Make sure that you are buying a pair of David Spruce Shoes that is versatile and practical.

So, if you are looking forward to buying the perfect pair of shoes, then make sure that you have followed the above tips precisely.

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