What Are The Different Types Of Canopy You Get

Canopy is the newest marketing strategy that you can apply to promote your brand and your product. It is readily available from various companies and online sites. If you get your canopy customized with your company name and logo, it will be easier to connect to your customer. With a unique printed design, you will also get to stand out among your competitors. Since there are several businesses with a similar product, it is easy to get lost among the entire crowd, so you need to stand out and differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition. The best way to do so is a customized canopy tent.

Types Of Canopy You Get

You get to choose from a lot of examples when you are selecting a canopy to promote your business. The classes are:

•Canopy – The usual one, you get it in all kinds of color. The shapes that it comes in are of three, which are Pyramid, Tunnel, and Dome. They are, of-course, is waterproof, and can stand freely if set up correctly. The dimensions are of different types in this canopy.

•Funnel Shaped Canopy – There is also funnel shaped canopy available, which comes in the cost of a few dollars per square feet. The shape is as the name suggests only flannel, and yes, it is waterproof. However, this one cannot stand freely, and the only color in which it is available is white.

•Printed Custom Canopy – This one is a bit pricey and comes in the value of more than 100 dollars per piece. It is waterproof and has a seating capacity of 2 to 6 person, so this one is best if you want to arrange a wedding or any other occasions outside your home. It comes in a printed fashion, and it can stand alone, and it made up of steel.

•Custom Tents For Camping – this one is also a bit expensive, and you get this in the frame material of aluminum and come in a printed pattern. This one is a bit larger and has a capacity of 6 to 10. It is made of the same fabric that tents are made of. It has a separate black wall of 117-inch x 79 inches. This impact canopy has telescopic legs which tend to snap into various places, and so it offers a range of heights.

Apart from your business purposes, you can use these tents for a lot of goals. You can use them for camping and also for other purposes such as organizing an event outside your home. These tents if the customized well will make an excellent show for any occasion or any object. They have various benefits such as accommodating a lot of people together and compared to other modes of advertisements; this one is not that costly.

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