What Are The Different Symptoms Of A Broken Brake Caliper

To get your breaks services is one of those jobs that you simply cannot ignore. They come with a limited life span, and that is why you have to make sure that you are servicing them regularly. Sometimes replacing the old ones can also solve the problem. But, if you are wondering how you can detect these symptoms then look out for the signs that your vehicles are giving you. At times they can be harmless noise which requires no servicing, but the other times you might have to get them serviced.

Squeaking Noise

Do you hear a squeaking sound every time you are in motion? This high-pitched noise might stop as soon as you apply the brakes. As soon as you hear a high-pitched noise when you start applying pressure to the brake pedal, this means that your breaks need servicing. This can most probably be the noise of the brake pad wear instructors. Since they are made of steel, they create a sound when they come in contact with the rotor. The grinding noise can also indicate a lack of lubrication in the vehicle.

Burning Smell

If you smell a chemical odor after constant efforts of hard braking on steep roads, then the reason can be that your brakes have overheated. If you come across such a situation then immediately pull your car to a safe place and check your parking brake. Let the brakes cool down for a while or else you will increase the risk of heating up the brake liquid to the point that can cause the failure of brakes.

Fluid Leakage

A very easy symptom that you can watch out for is brake fluid leakage coming out of your vehicle. Brake fluids are usually sealed inside a rubber boot, and brake calipers need fluid to ensure that the car is running smoothly. But, with regular use and excessive heat, this seal can wear out. A damaged seal is not suitable for your vehicle, and this can trigger fluid leakage.

Abnormal Vehicle Movement

Cars that have a broken caliper will not be able to move in a straight line. If you see that your car is pulling either too far to the left or right, then it is probably because your caliper is broken. You can invest in GM Brake Calipers as they will last for a more extended time.

If you face that your vehicle is bouncing or rocking whenever you take a sharp break, then it might not be a brake problem at all. You will have to consider replacing your shock absorbers during such a situation. Brake parts can wear out with regular use; that is why daily maintenance is necessary.

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