Top UK interior design secrets you must know about

Who is not fond of having a lavish and well-decorated home! But, easier said than done. There are so many new trends coming up each day that it becomes difficult to choose among the ones. It is also such an intricate part to design the entire home all by yourself. You will have to take care of the paint, design, texture and all such other things. But, the interior designers make our job so much easier. They design the interiors of our house beautifully and creates an environment which will spread joy. With the vacations almost coming up, you need to know the secrets of interior designing which will make your home even more pleasant. You can find fantastic furniture which will suit the decor of your house in

1) Bathrooms with spa

After a tired day at work, who would not like to come back and have a relaxed spa session! But, it is not always possible to go to hotels and spend time over there in the spa. So, why don’t you install one in your bathroom? It would almost resemble the fancy spa which you get in the expensive hotels. Everyone would love the peace after a hectic day, and after spending the time there, they will have a relaxed mind which will help them focus more on their work. It is a must to have the big jacuzzi baths where you can bathe and to make it even more classy, have tiles with earthy tones and they must be of the same color.

2) Textures

The wardrobe section has been full of velvets this year and so will be the furniture in the upcoming years. The velvet and leather are everyone’s favorite this year. You need to have sofa covers and cushion covers in velvet. They are soft and very comfortable. The quilted chairs look very chic, and your guests will love to sit on them and have relaxed after a long journey.

3) Greens and pattern plants

We can’t stress enough about how much essential and fancy greens look inside the room. Everyone has a houseplant and even more, people have been in love with patterns having plants in them. They look so much unique and give a refreshing touch to your room. They are available in vibrant colors as well, and there are millions of designs available. If you want to make your house look lively, you need to get the pattern plants and also add some greens in your room.

4) Terrazzo tiles

The neutrals have taken a backseat this year. Be it the walls or the tiles; everyone is loving colors. The Terrazzo tiles which are made of marble and have vibrant colors in them look amazing. The designers are looking for composite stones which they can use to make a new design that would be very appealing.

5) Ceilings

The walls are no more the only thing in the room that you can design. The interior designers have started focusing on the roofs instead. Keep the walls simple and add flavors to your ceilings. You can decorate and paint the ceiling to make it look unique and fabulous. You can also add wallpapers and tiles in it to make it look even more refreshing.

6) Bright colors

The neutrals have been in trend for a long time, and people are bored it. Try out new colors like vibrant blue or deep orange to give it a bold and chic look. The bright pigments are the main attraction in the upcoming years. Make sure that the kitchen is no more dull with neutral colors. Have deep colored cabinets or walls. You can go for greens, oranges, peacock blue, etc.

7) Dark woods

Everyone wants it classy and antique pieces will always be in fashion. The bleached woods are no more exciting, and you should try out the hardwoods with dark colors like mahogany, oak to give a deep meaning to your room.

8) Add some colors to your doors

Colorful doors have become extremely popular this year. Isn’t 2018 all about colors! Don’t have the same doors with industrial shade on it. Have colorful doors, and you can place a doormat with an impressive quite over there to make your guests feel welcomed.

9) Metallics

Are not you tired of rose gold and all those pastel-colored metallics? But, this year has a lot to do with bold colors and therefore, the industrial, dark metallic shades have become extremely important. You can even contrast it with some light color and it would be perfect.

10) Keep the rug to comfort your guests

You need to keep the right pair of a rug on your sofa to make the guests feel warm. It should complement the decor of the room and the color of the couch as well. These are some of the interior design secrets that you need to keep in mind before you design someone’s house. In the end, the house should give a warm feeling to everyone so that they feel welcomed.

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