What Are The Tips And Tricks Of The WhatsApp Status

An enormously popular social media platform which is appropriate for every age group is ruling all over the world. At the initial stage of this social media platform, the Whatsapp status was not incorporated. However, competing with other rival social media platforms, Whatsapp launched the amazing feature. There are amazing features created a buzz in the digital platform. The survey shows that nearly 1.2 billion monthly users are active and they send 60 billion message which includes sharing photos, videos, audio, and GIFs. There are the cool tips and tricks are listed below which can help you to utilize the feature more.

The Tips Of Utilizing The WhatsApp Status

The status disappears only after the 24 hours. The status comes with various options such as posting pictures and videos. You can edit the image with different filters. Even you can upload videos. However, the duration of the video is only thirty seconds. Despite trivial video duration you can enjoy the status if you know some tricks to manage the status which is commonly known as the Whatsapp stories.

•Pause The Status: There are many times you will feel annoyed when the story exited within a blink of an eye. The reason behind this thing is that the story lasts only for few seconds and after that, it laps away. The solution is pretty easy. You just need to press the photo for a more extended period of time. To do so, you will get the result. In addition to that, one can zoom the picture by long pressing of the story.

•Mute People: There are many times when you may not wish to share your photos or videos to every person in your contact list. Therefore, the Whatsapp comes with a fantastic option which helps the users to limit the views of the Whatsapp story. All you need to do is to go to the setting options, and you can restrict the viewers.

•Change The Color Of The Emoji: Are you get bored with the same yellow-faced emoji? Now the Whatsapp provide the users to change the color of the emoji. The status comes with a vivid color palette. You can choose your favorite color to change the color of the emoji.

•Reply With A Story: The Whatsapp now introduced to reply the stories by tapping the reply button. The Whatsapp Status is now getting trendier as the organization has promised to launch new and additional features which can make your Whatsapp using experience great.

In that way, the Whatsapp tops the charts, and the convenient using tactics makes it one of the popular social media platforms. The developers promised to bring more features into the Whatsapp status which can change the whole dimension.

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