When Is It The Right To Replace Your Old Fashioned Carpet With A Designer Rug

Like most other items, the carpet also has a shelf-life. Proper cleaning and upkeep will increase the lifespan. But after some time, you need to replace the old carpet with a new one. If you continue to use an old mat, then it will mar the look of the room. Additionally, it will also become the breeding ground for bacteria. It will harm the health and well being of the people who live in the house. One has to contact the professional mat installation agencies to take out the old piece and replace it with a new piece. But it is essential to understand that it is time to make the change. Here are some pointers, which will come in handy.

Mould And Water Damage

Carpets are prone to water damage. Its strands will soak up moisture rapidly. When the water in the rug dries up, it leaves behind an unsightly mark. It is also very hard to remove. As the strands still have moisture in them, it invites the formation of mould. If calling the professionals do not obliterate these, then it is time to invest money in a modern mat for your home. The main reason for this type of damage is pipe leakage.

Physical Damage To The Mat

Time and use wear away all items. Over the years, your floor mat will also show signs of damage. If you continue to use this mat, it will give a trashy appearance to the entire home. Fraying, matting and slits are signs that suggest that it is time to bring home a new carpet. Carpets are available in the local stores and on online portals. There is something for people of all tastes and budgets.

Small And Age

It is helpful to remember that the average life expectancy of any rug, no matter how expensive it is, is 5 to 10 years. Once your carpet crosses this age, you must start preparations to replace it with a new rug. Another strong indicator that you must change the mat is if it emits a foul smell. It is due to the build-up and activity of germs and bacteria. In case the scent is too much to tolerate, then you must get rid of the old mat immediately.


The trend in carpet design changes with time. Aesthetics play a pivotal role in carpet selection. If you have an old-fashion mat, then it is time to replace with Contemporary rugs. If the overall décor of the home is on traditional lines, then an elaborately designed carpet will suit the house well. For people who have chic taste, a modern abstract mat will be a perfect match.

There is no requirement to spend sleepless nights over this. If you are unsure, then call an expert to do the inspection. Depending on the verdict of the specialist, you need to make preparations. Online carpet portals offer expensive rugs on an easy installment basis. Thus, one need not worry about this topic.

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