The Problem of Employee Web Surfing During Office Time

Several researches have shown that employees waste 1-2 hours per day surfing the web. Time is money, and each of those employees can cost you up to $10,000 annually! While they’re shopping, watching tv shows, chatting on Facebook and what not, you’re biting nails and pulling hair while watching your company’s performance drop. So what can you do to stop this?

The Hidden Side of Web Surfing

Just like anything else, surfing the web can be beneficial when done in moderation. Many studies have shown that it can increase employee performance. After a time of hard work, taking a short break – in this case spending that time web surfing – gives the brain a rest, after which it’s ready to start over with replenished energy.

In fact, some people need the satisfaction of finishing a small recreational task to boost their productivity. For example, you know that your colleague Karen loves reading newspapers more than anyone else in the office. Her favorite part is the town’s news, and she takes pride in learning everything that happened before lunch break and sharing that knowledge with colleagues.

Reading those few articles takes up no more than 15 minutes of her time, but those 15 minutes make her a star during the lunch break gossip, and you can see her confidence hitting the ceiling. After this you are likely to witness significant improvement in her performance.

This isn’t a unique case. A research from Harvard Business School showed that delaying gratification of recreational tasks has a negative effect on employee’s productivity.

However, while those few satisfactory minutes can be a great booster, more often than not, employees overuse their internet access in workspace.

Why Are Your Employees Surfing During Work Time?

There are several reasons why your employees might waste their work time surfing the internet. Surveys have shown that most employees – 35% of them – spend a good portion of work time surfing the web because they don’t find their jobs challenging. Others find lack of motivation guilty for their time spent surfing the web. When employees can’t connect with company’s vision, or they feel like their work isn’t acknowledged, it results in spending work time doing non work-related activities.

The Need for Monitoring

For most employees, web surfing during work mainly revolves around short tasks such as checking social media. However, there are always extreme examples. One of the things that happen online during work time is online harassment. In fact, you might even be surprised we’re mentioning this here. However, nearly 40% of people who use the internet have experienced some form of online harassment.

Now you might be wondering, how does that directly concern you? Well, you are bound by law to have a sexual harassment policy. As an employer, you have an obligation to protect your employees from harassment.

This isn’t all. Another thing that might worry you is the safety of company’s sensitive data. Let’s be honest here, do you think all of your employees surf the web without possible exposure to malware? Are you sure that old Jack knows he didn’t really win the lottery on that pop-up window? Think about big data breaches that happen to even the safest enterprises you know. If their data was stolen by a random malware, how safe can yours be?

One of the possible solutions to these challenges could be the software which would monitor computer activities.

Employee monitoring and productivity software gives you detailed information on what your employees are doing on their computers in real time. You know which tasks they’re working on, and for how long. One of these is Workpuls - the fastest growing employee monitoring tol. The software toolbox includes categorization feature, which allows you to classify apps and websites as productive, unproductive and neutral. This can be done on a department level, so you can, for example, set Facebook as a productive website for Marketing department, but make it an unproductive for everyone else. This is also helpful later when you start using collected data to create performance reports.

If this isn’t enough, you can always use online work tracker’s screenshot ability, which can capture employee’s screen at random intervals. Are you aware that the sole existence of this feature can boost your team’s performance? Knowing they’re monitored has an impact on employees’ behavior. No one wants to be caught watching cat videos for 4 hours straight. Awareness of software to monitor computer activity on network will affect your employees’ time spent on non-work-related activities.

Monitoring employees on network also helps in addressing possible harassment claims. If you receive accusation about a certain employee, you have a recorded proof that can support victim’s claims. In case of Workpuls, data is securely stored for two years.

Final Thoughts

Small amount of personal use of internet at work shouldn’t be something you need to worry about. In fact, sometimes it’s great for taking mind off of stressful tasks. However, it’s important that your employees know what is considered an acceptable amount of time. The best way to address this is to develop an internet policy and implement an online monitoring software to keep surfing within boundaries.

Is going to the yoga retreats an appropriate way to counter stress and depression?

People are too busy in their lives. The desire to attain more money, fame, and luxurious lifestyle, push them to be a part of a rat race that has no end. It is not easy to put out the fire of people’s greed. As long as this inferno is alive, we will not be able to attain contentment. It is not possible to denounce all worldly pleasures and make our way into the woods to achieve nirvana. But you can get relaxation and get in touch with your inner self at yoga or spiritual retreats. Here, you will not attain freedom from life’s stress but will get the power to cope with it.

A path towards self-analysis

Your desire to attain success at any cost leaves very little time for self-analysis. Without this, you cannot expect to achieve real happiness. You may think that you need something, but that might not be factual. Spend some days at the yoga retreats will offer you ample time to reconsider your present status, and where you desire to reach. The retreats restrict your connection with the outer world. It provides a peaceful environment to focus on yourself rather than on materialistic needs. The yoga retreats are perfect places, which offer you this much-needed personal time with yourself. You will gain a new view towards life through medication.

Attain freedom from bodily ailments

Regular yoga is good for keeping diseases at bay. The specialists at these retreats have access to traditional yoga treatments with essential oils and special messages. These messages will relax the muscles, release tension, stress and depression and you will feel rejuvenated. These specials treatments are not possible at home. Thus, you need to visit these majestic getaways at least once each year, if not more.

So, it is clear that these getaways have a lot to offer to ailing bodies and minds. Search on the internet, and you will get contact details of several blissful retreats near you. Generate a search on the internet with keywords like TTC certification and you will get articles and blogs, which will give you a complete picture of what you will get at these special places.

Yoga was not popular among the common people, living in the western nations. Thanks to globalization, you will be able to learn yoga, no matter where you live. The internet, television and yoga tutorial CDs will help you to get in touch with your spiritual side, with basic exercise and meditation techniques. When you opt for a Yoga class make sure you get a qualified trainer. It is crucial to follow all the rules while performing the activity.

Why are dogs deemed to be one of the best pets to own?

Anyone who is a pet lover would not deny the fact that a dog is one of the best pets to have around the house. They are loyal, wait for you to come back home, and will surely always be there for their master. Nevertheless, apart from this popular belief, not only do dogs keep you company, but they have an indirect effect on your mental health as well. However, sometimes the owners lack on taking good care of their pets, which can further have implications on their health. This article further discusses the ways you can ensure good health of your dog.

What are some basic steps you can take to ensure good health of your dog?

Further mentioned below are six basic steps that veterinarians recommend you to take, for the good health of your dog:

Do not over-feed your dog:

this is one of the most important things you need to take care of to ensure that your dog stays in proper shape. Since dogs have no limit on their hunger, it is very difficult to know when they are full. Although over-feeding them at a young age might not show any signs of illness, by the time they grow old, it can be a major problem. If they are fed more than required, they will form a habit of eating more. This stores fat in their body, and by the time they are old, they will lose mobility and become obese. However, if this continues, apart from the very obvious problem of mobility, they can also feel lethargic and have certain breathing and heart problems at a young age.

Exercise your dog:

One of the best ways to counter the problem mentioned above is to have a healthy routine of exercising. This will not only help your dog stay fit and in shape, but also ensure that the excess fat in their body is burned. Apart from that, similar to humans, exercising can also uplift the mood of your dog. Lying around all day can make them lazy and bored. But going out on a walk and playing fun games with them can help them be more compassionate towards you and happier in life. You can read about some more tips to maintain good health for your dog read more at exqeo.

Being aware of what is causing any problem for your dog as helps in treating and avoiding it. It can be caused because of their eating habits or allergies and even from the environment. Once you have pinpointed what the cause is, you can then proceed onto taking the right measures. However, avoiding the issue will only worsen it.

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