Quicker And Faster Backup Through MX Backup Services

Emails have become one of the essential parts of our day to day life. Most of the work is dependent on the mails. The simplicity of sending and receiving emails at any time and anywhere has made it one of the popular sources of communication. Sending the Emails just requires you the mail address of the other person. You often handle your emails, make sure everything is working 24/7 and you have an effective server. But, as we all know, “prevention is better than cure,” therefore have an email backup server prevents us from the loss of data deletion. As loss of Emails would be a major issue for an organization. MX Backup Solution is an email service that sits at a lower priority than your primary mail server. When the server is offline, the MX backup receives and stores the Email until the primary server is online and is ready to accept the mails. Thus this is how the MX backup works in a nutshell.

The Following Are The Insights Of MX Backup

Quick And Easy Email Setups

Mails being an essential part of the work need to be stored and secured. It is important to ensure that your mail server is active and is working without any redundancy. The MX service prevents you with a mail failover. The MX backup service providers provide you with service where you can send the emails and the failovers of the same if any will be taken into account.

Provide Access To Your Mail Anywhere Any Time

The MX record will give access to your emails received and queue them for you to read even when your server is not online. They provide you with Email IDs where you can have access to the mails will all the relevant attachments without even going online. In such a case, you will never miss any important mail or communication.

Spam And Virus Filtering Service

As we all have issues of Virus and spam emails from various people and sites that interrupt our day to day working. These services provide you with filters where all the Emails received are scanned and the emails with the virus are clean and received accordingly. The Email backup is check for spamming based on the titles, mail subjects, headers, protocols, etc. and the same is then verified against the blacklist contents specified and the same are filtered and separated from the important ones.

Secure Email Transfers

Security is always important and therefore, the emails sent and received are check for security purposes. These servers also ensure that the data sent has not been modified or tampered.

Thus in this article, we have understood that the MX email provides backup email services. These backup email servers help us to make our work easy by filtering and removing all the spammed and prevent and warn us against the viruses. They use the clear os technology that helps in terms of advance management of the email. These are very largely used in the huge organization where the data and mails of a large number of employees are required to be maintained. It is also a very cost-effective technique and a very secure system.

How To Make Your Business Website Attractive To Your Customers

There are several website ones will find whenever one searches for a site on Google. A well-optimized site always comes first on the search list. It is because the site has massive traffic, and that created a huge search volume on the internet. This is the reason as a business owner, and it is imperative to make the business website updated so that it looks professional. There are a lot of benefits in making the site attractive. Here are a few tips to follow in order to make the business website catchy to the customers.

•Selecting An Attractive Domain Name

To make the business website attractive, you need to choose a catchy domain name in the first place. You need to remember that the domain name needs not to be the company name. A name that will go with business will work.

•Easy Navigation

Create a site that has easy navigation. It is evident that a customer will always reach out to the best product whenever he visits the website. To reduce the effort of the customers, an entrepreneur needs to make the navigation easier. Easy navigation will take the customers to the product through a few clicks.

•Using Real Pictures

When a businessman is trying to expand the business, it is essential to create trust among the people. Using the real image of the product, personnel, or premises will build a belief among the people, and it will help to create a potential customer base.

•Regular Update Of The Site

In order to expand the business and survive in the competitive market, you need to update the business website on a regular interval. You need to update all the old blogs and replace all the old keywords with the new keywords that have search volume.

•Make The Site Responsive

It is essential to reciprocate to the customers. Create a section where customers can post feedback regarding the product or the service. To make the site responsive, the site needs to have an instant chat feature where the customers can direct message and also get satisfied reply.

•Comprehensive Details Of The Company

It is essential to keep an ‘About Us’ section that will tell about the company and the service of the company. The digital marketing RI, MA, has all the above things to offer. They pay heed to the demands of their client and maintain while creating a business website.

Lastly, it is essential to stay wise while looking for a web designing agency. An agency that follows all the factors to make the site attractive is worth hiring for. While hiring an agency, it is essential to fix a budget, and according to that budget, one needs to hire a web designing agency.

Your Shopify Theme Should Increase Your Conversions

Shopify, a term that is everywhere in ecommerce. If you’ve been conducting your own research on eCommerce platforms, or have ever ended up being stuck in a never-ending Facebook campaign, then chances are you’ve heard about Shopify. Shopify has been an industry leader, thanks to its ‘making-the-most-of-drop-shopping’ factor and its ability to let online businesses stretch their legs (ease in setup and maintenance).

When it comes to conversions, most businesses struggle for similar reasons. Driving a conversion means making someone (a user or a visitor) take an action that would meet their requirements as well as serve your store in the form of a sale. Though there are several parameters, the main difference between conversions and conversion rate optimization is semantics. For example: If your website receives 100 visitors today, in which 15 decided to buy your product/service then the website presents an impressive conversion rate of 15%. The ‘optimization’ at the end of ‘conversion rate’ means that you’re doing you’re doing everything in your power to turn more leads into conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization vs Conversions

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a combination process that uses analytics and previously stored data to create website user percentages concerning uses who have performed an action of your website. Now this action could be anything from downloading a file, subscribing to your newsletter or even becoming paying customers. The Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) process shadows the movement of the users and their activity on the different sections of your website and understanding what’s keeping them from buying their first purchase. Industry leaders like Netflix, Amazon and Airbnb rely on these insights to help them understand the needs of their customers and better serve them.

On the other hand, “conversion” is a relative term used for a user/visitor who has taken necessary action to complete a goal. Now, the goals of your website can either be primary or secondary:

Primary Goal

If your website has a selling section, visitors who make a purchase, are automatically fulfilling the primary goal of your website—known as a ‘macro conversion’. The tricky part is actually completing a macro conversion, as the user is required to make a transaction for your product that they either don’t have or are probably looking for an upgrade.

Secondary Goal

Once the user completes a primary goal, they also indirectly complete many secondary goals—this usually involves gaining customer data such as: their name, email address, phone number order. These significant details of data gathering are called ‘micro-conversions.’

Macro conversion examples:

  • Purchasing a product from
  • Subscribing to a service
  • Requesting a quote (for a product/service)

Micro conversion examples:

  • Signing up to the newsletter
  • Making a customer account
  • Adding products to the cart

Breaking Down Online Store Conversion Rates

The percentage of users/visitors who land on your website to complete the desired action is called the Online Conversion Rate. Similarly, the percentage of online visitors who completed a purchase on your online store in a set period of time is called eCommerce conversion rate. However, this metric is not the only way to measure the success of your online store. Here are some examples of an eCommerce website:

  • An online sale
  • User adding a product on their cart
  • Users adding an item on their wishlist
  • Email signups
  • Social media shares
  • Any KPI that’s relevant

According to the key performance indicator (KPI), conversion rate optimization is a process that enhances the overall shopping experience of a user to drive a sale. This can be easily analyzed on landing pages, category pages, checkout process etc.

Everything in your Shopify store can influence conversion rates!

In order to understand the concepts of conversion rate optimization, you need to draw parallels between a brick-and-mortar storefront and your website. In order to lure customers, you need to grab their attention, spark curiosity, pull customers in and finally ensure the sale.

Physical stores have some advantages to encourage conversions (thanks to sensory experiences). In the digital world, your homepage needs to feel warm and welcoming without being too gaudy. But that’s not all, it should also be responsive, easy to navigate, have a consistent structure, theme and colors—even the whitespace of your website can influence a customers decision in purchasing or not.

Here’s a rundown on best conversion rate practice:

  • Providing a smooth experience: An effective homepage, should make users feel comfortable. Apple’s homepage is a great example—the use of large images that occupy maximum space and straight to the point CTA button to take the next step is encouraging, appealing and non-confusing.
  • Add exciting coupons, real-time buys: In order to appeal to more users, you can add a ‘gifting’ opportunity with promo codes or signing up bonuses and drive them to buy your products or services.
  • Trust building using testimonials: It’s all about influencers these days. If you’ve sold or shared information about your products on major publications, then customers can be delighted to see and feature what they’ve brought from you.
  • Adding intelligent search: For your customers to land on your page and easily go to the product page, can increase the number of purchases or callbacks by the users.


As stated earlier, aspects of your Shopify store can influence your conversion rate. Your theme is one of the most important considerations for your conversion rate as it influences the following factors:

  • Your first impression
  • Customer navigation
  • Visual appeal
  • Site performance

Here are some of the best handpicked themes that have been chosen by experts and users alike to increase conversion rates.

1. Supply: Free

Not entirely focussing on a specific industry, this theme is a must-have as it allows additional customizations to adapt into any sales branches that your website adapts to. Also, it has two distinctive styles: ‘Blue’—for a technical and professional vibe and ‘Light’—for offering modern products. The best part of this theme is that it is free to use and try out.

That said, there are a few issues that the Supply Shopify theme has which keeps it from being 100% conversion-friendly. First, The banner in this theme is too small to make a good impact on the user’s mind. For this you need to insert product images with pre-existing text to make it look good.

Second, the search bar gets hidden in the mobile version of the theme, something that would require you to hire shopify experts to get fixed.

2. Venture: Free

One of the more upbeat themes—suitable for action and adventure sports. This theme comes with a sheer banner size and prominent call to action buttons. Venture has plenty of optimization potential to make better conversions to best fit your customers. But, there are certain drawbacks with Venture in which its product pages lack some details. With the right Shopify ninja, you could tweak the theme to add, highlight, personalize and even add additional features to the design.

3. Fashionopolism: $140

Fashionopolism is one of those themes that is rich in elements and has exclusive features that aren’t common in other Shopify themes. The first thing that grabs your attention is the wide banners for promotional use. If your website is based on promotions and similar offers, then Fashionopolism Shopify theme can be a good place to start.

This theme comes with a sticky header menu that stays at the top of the page as users scroll on their desktop. This way, your customers are kept away from the annoyance of going back to your home page in order to access the main menu. However, the sticky header feature does not adapt to mobile devices; this can be made responsive with the help of Shopify consultants.

This theme also features effective product flags like corner banners, on sale banners and product banners which make it perfect for merchants that have large amounts of returning traffic. Now, this traffic can be great for identifying products and knowing whether there has been any change in their prices from the last visit. However, just like everything else in the world that isn’t perfect—this theme has a lack of eye-catching callouts for category pages. Also, the search bar gets hidden within the menu and users may have to click twice to reach it. Such little details may mean losing anywhere between 15-40% of sales, but if you have a mobile-first Shopify store, you can easily tap around the design and make it however you like. All you need to do is to hire shopify experts from a trusted and leading web development company like CodeClouds.

4. Parallax: $180

One of the best things about Parallax is that it comes with the liberty to feature a blog. To some business owners this might not seem like much, but believe us, this option allows the brand to come with its own story and helps in building value to your brand.

Also, the feature blog commodity provides new potential to better your SEO rankings, resulting in a stronger online presence.


To conversion rate optimization, you need to develop tested and proven Shopify themes that provide your customers with an exception user-experience. You theme should encourage more conversions through appealing website design an optimal SEO practice. To achieve this all at once may sound overwhelming, but give ample time and the right people to guide you through it, your business will achieve the spotlight that it deserves.

If you’re a Shopify beginner, would like to develop your site yourself or generally upskill your understanding of developers— this ‘5 Recommended YouTube Channels for Developers’ will guide you where to start!

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