How Employee Monitoring Can Play a Crucial Role in Risk Management

Businesses are built for years, and yet, they can go downhill overnight. Sometimes it takes as little as a single man to destroy them.

One of the most common causes of organizations’ downfall is the exposure of their sensitive corporal data. We’ve seen a fair share of cyber-attacks in this decade. Even the largest enterprises had their data stolen by these criminals, like Yahoo or Facebook.

More often than not, these kinds of breaches happened with the help of an insider. Yes, I’m talking about employees. Why would an employee steal business data? Their motives are driven by three so-called “deadly sins”: pride, wrath, and greed.

Threat From Inside

Many companies don’t limit access to their sensitive data, and therefore every employee has access to them. What they fail to realize is that they commit most data breaches. It can be both intentional and unintentional, but both are affecting the company’s reputation.

The intentional data breach is obvious - employee leaks sensitive company information, whether for monetary gain or with the purpose of harming the company, maybe for being fired. Research shows that around 9% of employees have stolen some sensitive data after getting fired, with the aim to use it to damage their business.

But, unintentional breaches are just as bad for the organizational reputation. It’s even more difficult to prevent them. Your employees’ access to the internet itself poses a great danger for your unprotected sensitive information. Some employees, especially older ones who didn’t grow up using a computer, aren’t the most conscious internet surfers.

Some of them can be easily recognized with a simple glare of their web explorer which is filled with different search boxes under the web address bar. Those kinds of employees don’t give a second thought before clicking on a blinking button that says “claim your price”. They collect malware like kids collect stickers, and it’s only a question of time before they share unknowingly your sensitive information with a data-hungry cyber-criminal.

Dealing with Risks

When it comes to data breaches, there’s only so much you can do once they happen. Therefore, it’s crucial to work on preventive measures. Employee work monitoring software plays an essential part in the risk management program.

First of all, its purpose is to show you what your employees are doing in real-time. Some software, like Workpuls, sort applications and websites employees are using as productive, unproductive and neutral. Seeing an employee spending time on unproductive websites can be a good early warning of possible data exposure.

Potentially risky or suspicious behavior should be further investigated. Workpuls provides screenshot ability which can view employee’s computer screen, which can help you catch them red-handed, and give you a hard-data proof for taking a punitive measure. What’s more employee performance monitoring software stores data for later review. In the case of Workpuls, this data is stored for two years.

Use computer website tracker to identify those careless surfers and malicious inside agents and treat them accordingly. Provide the first group with education and training on the subject of cybersecurity, while sanctioning data exposers.

Security Policy

We’ve seen one too many cases of employee monitoring that are veiled in secrecy and accompanied by employee anxiety. Now, remember those disgruntled employees that take revenge by exposing data? I don’t think that this anxiety about your mysterious reasons to monitor employee computer activity. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. What you need is a transparent approach to software usage.

Set a clear policy; explain in detail what’s monitored and for what purpose. Then, enforce it. Sharing sensitive data is regulated by law, so these kinds of policies require employees’ compliance.

Beyond written words, non-compliance shows a lack of respect for the company’s privacy and rules in general. However, complying strengthens company culture in which employees want to do extra measures to protect company data.

In Conclusion

Global business competition is making risk management a top priority for every company. In such a competitive age, it’s important to stay alert to possible threats, whether planned or not. Remember, prevention is much easier than harm reduction.

Why do you need to select the online realm for availing payday loan?

Each and every individual out there take the payday loans to meet costs and purchase high esteem things. The payday loan is basically considered as the unbound loan made by an individual from the bank to meet crisis prerequisites. This is liberated, and it also means that the mortgagor does not advance any specific guarantee while availing the loan. Within this particular way, the loan officer is unable to sell off any kind of collateral claimed by the borrower in case of failure of payment. The payday loan accompanies a moderately high rate of interest in comparison with the home or car loans.

The credit is merely well-conceded based on the financial and business record, pay level, reimbursement limit, and so forth. In recent times, a plenty of people out there opt for the best type of payday loans, and that is why they take help from experts.

Reasons to avail Payday Loans through online channels

Payday loans are the specific loans, which are basically granted for individual purposes like medicinal purposes, as well as family purposes like vacations, education, or even other home purposes like purchase of air conditioner, repairs, refrigerator, computer, etc. Payday loans are also progressed, which is mainly based on the borrower’s record of loan repayment and capacity to reimburse of the loan from the individual’s wages. Compensation is generally through settled sum portions over a fixed term. The payday loan is also recognized as a consumer loan.

Here are the five most essential reasons as to why you should consider the various online channels for the availability of a payday loan.

Increase the safety and security

The significant safety and security of transactions are quite safer right through the platform, and it is also an excellent reason for the preference of the platform.

Availability of the numerous benefits of offers

There are an ample amount of offers and benefits, which you can get from this platform. The discounts on the interest rates are also accessible and more accessible to you over the online forum. You can simply go for the Fast Loans so that you get to know in detail.

The flexibility of the payday loan is a significant advantage. As you can easily apply for and avail the loans from any part of the world, delivered that you fulfill all the numerous terms to the loan. As a matter of fact, you will be able to choose the best kind of loan as well.

Why Is Freelancing Gaining Popularity In Recent Times

There is a saying that ‘One can never be a woman unless she is a mother.’But that can never be always true, other than a few great qualities of women; giving birth to a child makes them the mother who cares and create. A woman plays various roles, and that involves a lot of responsibility, but being a mother is perhaps the most challenging job. However, considering from the standpoint of a mother, there are so many things she has to do apart from bringing up her child. While with a short span of maternity leave, it becomes a hassle between work and motherhood, hence there are freelancing jobs that can help moms to be attentive to their children yet making an earning.

Freelancing That Bolsters A Mother To Bring Up Her Child

Freelancing for women is turning into an amazingly appealing, and progressively rewarding business sector. Particularly those who are attempting to crush the unfair corporate limitation, as they have a young one at home to look after. When you are a mother, your choices become limited; there can be no longer things you can do as per choice. From the ground, corporate sectors can be at times very standoffish, as they won’t understand the intricacies of bringing up a child. It not for nothing; women who are mothers nowadays are leaning towards freelancing. The research established that there is a totality of 25% increase in the field of freelancing where sex is the same. However, it is believed that woman can always make a better freelancer as organizing things are in their genes, and that is what all about while bringing up a child and doing a freelancing job.

Reasons Behind An Increasing Number Of Female Freelancers

A census count establishes that women can always make a better freelancer. And there are many reasons behind that fact that is women are more organized, and that is likely a less struggle with the unregimented autonomous ambiance of dynamic freelancing work. Other reason can be women are fantastic multitaskers and can efficiently juggle various contracts and work-streams while doing a freelancing job. Few freelancing jobs are based on building and marketing a product or service; undoubtedly, women can do these jobs better as they are more personable.For more information, considering the Working mum will be imperative.

While there still exists, the gender barrier in a conventional office, which is said to be more hospitable for men, women are flourishing more in the freelancing sector. Women who are mothers are finding freelancing a flexible way that allows them to spend time with their young ones while having a decent career profile.

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