Knowing Bariatric Surgery and Its Different Types

What is Bariatric?

The branch of medicine, which deals with studying the causes of obesity, its prevention and also its treatment, is known as bariatric. For those people who are obese or morbidly obese, the long-term guaranteed solution for weight loss is weight loss surgery also named as bariatric surgery. Any person cannot just go to a hospital and have a weight loss surgery; there are certain conditions for bariatric surgery to get recommended. Persons who wish to have bariatric surgery must be overweight by at least 100 pounds, which puts them under the chronically obese category.

Also, they should have 40 or more body mass index (BMI). Bariatric surgery is mainly of 4 types which are listed below, based on the patients need, numerous changes to the procedures exist in each of them.

Common Types of Bariatric Surgery

Gastric Bypass: This type of surgery is being conducted successfully for many years. Most of you would have already heard of this bariatric surgery. Gastric bypass procedure involves the stapling of small upper part of the stomach to make it unusable. And then the connection is made from the intestine to the left out part of the stomach. By this procedure, the size of the stomach gets diminished and which reduces the appetite, and that in turn reduces the intake of the food and leads to weight loss.

Adjustable Gastric Band: In this type of surgery, a band is inserted around the upper part of the stomach using laparoscopic techniques. By doing this, the stomach will get divided into two portions in the same way as in Gastric Bypass, but it is not an invasive procedure. This surgery has gained popularity in recent years among the patients with obese health conditions. You can go here and get proper medications and surgery suggestions from Dr. Dirk Rodriguez, an expert in the field of bariatric surgery.

Vertical Banded Gastroplasty (VBG): Combination of both Gastric Bypass surgery and Adjustable Gastric Band get conducted in VBG. In Vertical Banded Gastroplasty procedures both the band and staples are getting used to form a smaller sized stomach pouch. Approximate to 1 cm hole is getting made at the bottom of the pouch through which the contents from the pouch can freely flow to the rest of the portion of the stomach from where it flows to the rest of gastrointestinal tract. This procedure limits the food that is being intaken into the stomach as well as the passage of the food gets slowed. This type of surgery is losing popularity nowadays as most patients and doctors do not prefer this since this surgery involves an invasive procedure.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery: This type of procedure is relatively new when compared with the other procedures mentioned above. This procedure is also known as Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy or LSG in short. Basically, in this type of process, a large portion of the stomach is being removed, and just a sleeve-shaped portion remains.

In addition to the above four common types, many variations of the procedures can also get conducted as bariatric surgery depending on the needs of each patient. All types of bariatric surgery have its own risk and failures; hence it gets strongly recommended that the bariatric surgery should get used as a last resort after doing all good and easy methods like regular exercise and dieting.

Knowing Humble Bundle and Some Similar Sites

Humble Bundle got launched in the year 2010 by Jeffrey Rosen and John Graham. It started as an online platform for selling video games, which donated a portion of the proceeds from the sales to the charities. These days Humble Bundle has reached to a platform where they empower the consumers to pay what they want for the downloadable content. The site brings together bundles of books or video games, and these users choose how much they are willing to pay, as well as the charity they want to donate. Along with that, Humble Bundle also is a digital store which allows the developers to sell video games at set prices. About US $100 million has been donated to charity over the years and has more than 7 million customers using this platform.

Here are a few online platforms which are similar to that of the Humble Bundle:

1. Steam

Founded in the year 2017, Steam is one largest digital game distribution tool in the world which offers quality games of all prices and genres to the gamers from all around the globe. You can browse various games, read their reviews, useful recommendations, purchase and also you can download your choices of games directly through the software. It’s a place where all your gaming requirements are getting listed in one place. It also works in a way similar to the style of sites like Humble Bundle.

2. GOG

GOG is an online computer game store which was formerly known as the Good Old Games. The platform GOG got established in the year 2008, and it gets operated by GOG Limited which is a subsidiary of another company called Cyprus Company CD Projekt. This site entirely focuses on video games that do not have digital rights management restrictions. As of the year 2017, this website featured about more than 2000 games for Microsoft Windows, MAC OS-X, and Linux systems. The most popular of the games were Divinity: Original Sin 2, Cuphead, Hob and The Guild 3.

3. Green Man Gaming

It was started by Paul Sulyog and Lee Packham in the year 2009. Their website shows over 8500 games which got sold by 850 game publishers. They partner with a lot of game developers, and they provide them the areas where they can sell their stuff to the global community. They also host forums which help the users to post their reviews, comments, and feedbacks. The company serves to about 195 countries around the world. Recently they won the 2017 eCommerce award for best electronics, computing, DVD, Film, Games, Music, and Toys.

4. GameFly

This game portal got founded by David Hodess, Sean Spector, Jung Suh and Edward Lenk. GameFly is an American video game rental website. Similar to that of Netflix, GameFly allows the customers to rent as many games as they like for a monthly flat fee. There are about 8000 game titles which are presently available on the site to make use of. They provide games for platforms which include PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Gamecube, Switch, Game Boy and also 3DS. Out of this, GameFly is such one game portal which offers movies along with the games.

Effective Tips to Get Best Out of Your Dishwasher

According to Bob Vila, an expert on house maintenance, we should clean our dishwasher once in a month. Luckily, his three-step procedures are elementary to do and do not need any special tools.

The first step is to clean the drain: You should start with bottom dish rack. Remove the lowest dish rack. Check the dishwasher drain, remove any food or gunk caught there. It will be good for drainage, prevent damage and improve cleaning efficiency to the dishwasher.

The second step is vinegar wash: You should start with an empty dishwasher. Place a glass of white or any colorless vinegar in a dishwasher-safe vessel on the higher rack of the dishwasher machine. Run a cycle of the dishwasher with hot-water. It will help to remove grease, oil, odors, and stain.

The third or final step is baking soda rinse: Sprinkle one glass of baking soda in the lowest rack of the dishwasher. Run a cycle for a short time, which must be making use of hot water cycle. The dishwasher will be fresh to see and smell and will have a stain-free, brightened interior. You can choose best Winterhalter dishwasher model to buy and use as it will stay longer when you pick a quality product.

Nothing is frustrating than running a cycle on the machine only to find broken dishes at the close of the cycle. Even though a dishwasher may be a helpful machine, it requires care and maintenance just like any other appliance.

Following maintenance idea will be helpful for your efforts:

1. Don’t Rinse

If you don’t believe it or not, pre-washing is not only useless but also it is wasting water and get worse your cleanser’s performance. You have to remove food wastes and all from the dish before beginning the washing cycle.

2. Heat it up

After correctly loading your plates and cups, run your nozzle until the water is warm to the touch. Running cycle with warm water across your sink will reduce pressure on your heater, which will help you to reduce your energy costs. Hotter water can kill bacteria more effectively, so do not avoid hot water for savings if you can’t run the faucet previously.

3. Easy on the Soap

If you think more soap will make your dishes cleaner, then that’s out of your wrong knowledge. Don’t be fooled! Ronique, an expert from the field, informs us, “For most of my designs, customers forget that a dishwasher wants to be taken care of like any other machine. Using soap is a common mistake in households and will damage your machine!” She advises each house owner to refer to the dishwasher’s manual instructions when they are buying a new one. Most will suggest the type of cleanser to use and will describe exactly how to use and how much quantity is needed.

4. Test Your Water

We cannot understand how rough our water is being in our dishes. Hard water may result in marks and breaks on dishes. Ronique suggests testing our water to see if a water softener will be beneficial. For those who can’t control the hardness of the water, she has some tips for you: You should make use of a tablespoon of vinegar on the case in the rinse cycle of the dishwasher, and it will work efficiently.

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