What Are The Negative Aspects Of Social Media For Teens

Social media is one of the best things that happened to the humankind in terms of technology and interactive developments. People are more connected with one another, and then again teens can better express themselves through social media. There are a lot of benefits that you can avail from the social media platforms when it comes to knowing current affairs and even staying connected to friends and family. However, there are a vast number of cons to the use of social media as well. These cons are more profound, especially for teens. Here you can find the various aspects of negativity in social media for teens.

Cons Of Social Media For Teens

1) Aspects Of Cyber-Bullying – The aspects of cyber-bullying are becoming a common thing in modern times. It is just like bullying but over social media. This can affect the teen in a vast number of ways. Rather since the audience over social media is more the psychological impacts on the teen can be even more than regular bullying.

2) Decreases Productivity Levels – Social media platforms can be productive and may help in several ways. However, too much of anything is also not good. Social media may be addictive to a lot of teens, and they can be stuck to the electronic device for the entire day. This reduces the levels of productivity of the teen.

3) Reduces Social Skills – Though social media was made for better socializing aspects, on the contrary, this can lead to damaged social skills. Teens can be more into the virtual world of social life and might just ignore the real social realm. They would usually prefer to stay in their rooms and browse through these social media sites and never go out and actually socialize in real.

4) Disclosing Information – Social media sites ask for a lot of personal information at the time of signing up. This is to personalize your account as per your personality. This can have a lot of bad impacts as well. People may know a lot about you. Rather they may know more than you would actually want them to.

5) Cyber Stalking – Cyber stalking is a lot more intense than it sounds. When a person talks about the pros and cons of social media for teens, this is something that is sure to arise. Cyber stalking can be creepy and may be very uncomfortable as well as dangerous for the teen or the victim.

These are some of the major negative things for teens over the social media domain. These can, however, be avoided with responsible use and controlled utilization of social media sites. The pros, however, outweigh the cons when it comes to social media. However, the cons should also be taken note of.

The Top 3 Facts About Quail Eggs You Need To Know

As of recent years, nutrition boards and healthy-eating magazines have succumbed to the quail egg craze. Literally, anywhere you look these little gems are shoved down our throats – literally!

From overzealous social media posts to fine cuisine recipes present in high-end restaurants, it feels as if the entire world has gone crazy over quail eggs. There are even books written about the numerous health benefits of quail eggs! But do they live up to the hype? Check out our top 3 facts about quail eggs and find out!

Quail Eggs: What They Are & Where They Come From

Judging by their looks alone, one can wonder whether these eggs come from outer space or not. They are incredibly small, shockingly hard to break, and sometimes they come in the most vibrant shade of blue. The origin of these little eggs, however, is very mundane and generic. Simply put, they come from a bird called quail. Quails even share plenty of similarities with chicken, as they are somehow related.

The eggs, on the other side, are only slightly bigger than cherry tomatoes. Thanks to the higher levels of calcium present in the shell, quail eggs are hard to break, even if dropped. Also, the shell is coated with a thicker skin on the inside, preventing the outside air from seeping through the porous exterior and spoiling the egg.

However, the most distinctive feature of quail eggs is not their size, but their appearance – namely the spots. Though they are generally laid with black and brown spots, once in a blue moon you will find eggs that have the most exotic blue spots on them. This is what makes them so fascinating for most people – besides the health benefits of quail eggs, proven by science.

Top 3 Facts About Quail Eggs

1. They Are More Flavorful Than Chicken Eggs!

Unlike their chicken counterparts, quail eggs, though similar, are different. For starters, the yolks have a velvety texture and a much stronger flavor, making quail eggs the favorite contenders for pricey salads in 5-star restaurants! Another reason why quail eggs are more flavorful is the yolk-to-white ratio. Simply put, quail eggs have more yolk.

2. Quail Eggs Are Much Healthier!

From a nutritional standpoint, chicken eggs are not too bad, to begin with. However, for high-cholesterol sufferers, chicken eggs, at least the yolk, is a big no-no. Luckily, quail eggs, despite having more yolk, are high in ovomucin, an enzyme that guarantees not to elevate your cholesterol levels, making them safe for consumption.Another health fact about quail eggs is their higher content of protein, vitamins, and minerals, making them excellent for protein shakes after an intense workout!

3. Simple To Prepare!

Thirdly, one does not need to become a chef to master cooking quail eggs because they cook just like chicken eggs. They’re also just as versatile, meaning you can fry them, scramble them and even poach them. The only downside is their size. Being much smaller (1 chicken egg equals 4 quail eggs) you will need to take your time peeling them or breaking them if you want to feel full after the meal.

Eating Quail Eggs: How And When?

The health benefits of quail eggs is a topic covered in many nutrition books – so we won’t bother covering that department. However, it feels only natural that after presenting the top 3 facts about quail eggs, we should at least suggest some quail egg etiquette. Here are the best times to serve quail eggs:

1. Salads: Great for a light lunch, or a hearty dinner, salads work great with quail eggs. Don’t be afraid to up the protein level of your “vegan” lunch by adding a not-so-vegan super-food!

2. Dinner parties: One of the most stressful things about throwing a dinner party is the food since it’s the central element of the night. Instead of spending hours cooking complicated recipes, go for something delicious and sophisticated: quail eggs. You will definitely win over your guests with their small size and intense flavor. Also, thanks to their versatility you can prepare anything from a delicious salad to more sophisticated recipes from the Asian cuisine.

3. Beauty: If you thought raw chicken egg face masks were incredible, wait until you try swapping them for quail eggs. Whether used as an anti-aging face mask or as a rejuvenating hair mask, quail eggs work wonders on the outside of our bodies as well.

How Can A Few Factors Help In Choosing The Right Storage Provider

Not each and every business out there needs the storage facilities. In case, the business simply needs help from the storage service provider, and you simply need to try to get in touch with the quality one. You have to select one that is capable of meeting the company requirements. By considering a few factors, you will be able to get quality service. The storage units are always excellent to keep all of your belongings safely. In the case of self-storage or the storage unit, you simply hire the specific room away from your home in which you can store extra items.

In addition to that, you will have to consider the security factors of the items. If you are the owner of any business, only you need to have access to the storage room. An owner of the storage unit should not have access to the storage room. Besides, your goods will not be stored along with others. The different space would be allotted since you have paid for that space.

Adequate Ventilation Process In The Storage Unit

Storage rooms must have sufficient ventilation. This would simply assist you to keep away any of odors from the room, and this is absolutely fresh. It is going to be absolutely beneficial while storing the food items or even any items, which may get affected while coming in contact with moisture. With the assistance of ventilation, fresh air can simply circulate throughout the room.

How Security Plays A Vital Role?

While opting for any of any storage service, you need to check how security does it offers. It would simply further ensure that the item that you store is kept safe. There is a minimum need of the CCTV camera as well whenever you are going to enter into the storage service. As an additional option, the storage unit should have alarm units.

Insurance Of The Storage Unit

When the belongings and items are absolutely worth sharing, you will be able to try to ensure them. This is the proper responsibility of the storage provider owner to provide the storage insurance for your goods. You can also get the insurance of the goods from a third party. In recent times, there are ample amount of storage unit companies available, and amongst all choosing, the best one like self storage Tulsa would be absolutely better. Eventually, it offers the ultimate safety and security as well.

For any kind of damage to the goods, the storage service provider must be liable for the same. Consequently, insurance of the items, which you store, plays an important part. The workers working in the storage unit must have the proper experience. It would simply make sure that the storage unit stores the items properly.

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