What Are The Negative Aspects Of Social Media For Teens

Social media is one of the best things that happened to the humankind in terms of technology and interactive developments. People are more connected with one another, and then again teens can better express themselves through social media. There are a lot of benefits that you can avail from the social media platforms when it comes to knowing current affairs and even staying connected to friends and family. However, there are a vast number of cons to the use of social media as well. These cons are more profound, especially for teens. Here you can find the various aspects of negativity in social media for teens.

Cons Of Social Media For Teens

1) Aspects Of Cyber-Bullying – The aspects of cyber-bullying are becoming a common thing in modern times. It is just like bullying but over social media. This can affect the teen in a vast number of ways. Rather since the audience over social media is more the psychological impacts on the teen can be even more than regular bullying.

2) Decreases Productivity Levels – Social media platforms can be productive and may help in several ways. However, too much of anything is also not good. Social media may be addictive to a lot of teens, and they can be stuck to the electronic device for the entire day. This reduces the levels of productivity of the teen.

3) Reduces Social Skills – Though social media was made for better socializing aspects, on the contrary, this can lead to damaged social skills. Teens can be more into the virtual world of social life and might just ignore the real social realm. They would usually prefer to stay in their rooms and browse through these social media sites and never go out and actually socialize in real.

4) Disclosing Information – Social media sites ask for a lot of personal information at the time of signing up. This is to personalize your account as per your personality. This can have a lot of bad impacts as well. People may know a lot about you. Rather they may know more than you would actually want them to.

5) Cyber Stalking – Cyber stalking is a lot more intense than it sounds. When a person talks about the pros and cons of social media for teens, this is something that is sure to arise. Cyber stalking can be creepy and may be very uncomfortable as well as dangerous for the teen or the victim.

These are some of the major negative things for teens over the social media domain. These can, however, be avoided with responsible use and controlled utilization of social media sites. The pros, however, outweigh the cons when it comes to social media. However, the cons should also be taken note of.

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