How Can Drug And Alcohol Addiction During Pregnancy Be Harmful

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for women as a new life start to grow inside them. It is time when women become more focused on their health. In addition, women should be more careful about what they are putting in their body. They should know about the effect of every food might have on the body and baby. If a woman has an addiction, they should know the right way to come out of the addiction. The process should be such that it does not have any negative impact on a baby’s health. However, in this regard, some rehab programs have been introduced for helping pregnant women. Read on to know more about the services in the following part of the article.

What Are The Probable Risks Of Substance Abuse During Pregnancy?

There are several factors that might trigger risks relating to substance abuse during pregnancy. This also includes factors like what substance woman is using, for long the woman is using the substance and at what point during the pregnancy the addition takes place. Some of the risks that can happen to the unborn fetus are stillbirth, premature birth, small head size, miscarriage issue, placental abruption, and sudden occurrence of death syndrome, developmental defects and others.

What Health Problems Can Take Place After The Birth Of Babies?

•Infections such as HIV or hepatitis C happen due to the use of infected use of injections. However, the viruses easily pass on to babies during birth.

•By drinking alcohol, problems like heart defects are sure to take place. There is also a chance of partial hole in the heart at the time of birth. Babies born with a heart problem are sure to die within one year of birth.

•Baby born to a mother who is addicted to opioids can suffer from neonatal abstinence syndrome. In addition, the babies develop withdrawal syndrome as they start growing up.

•Babies can also suffer from fetal alcohol spectrum problems. These relate to cognitive development that usually lasts in one’s life.

Other than this, alcohol can result in developmental defects along with other health problems in babies. Alcohol which is also known as teratogen can have severe results in the central nervous system of babies. For learning disabilities or any developmental disabilities, taking alcohol during pregnancy is the major cause. The effects of alcohol ranks above problems that result from taking heroin, cocaine, marijuana, and others severely affecting woman fetus. However, to deal with such addition issues, you can look for drug rehab for pregnant mothers near me.

Several drug addiction relief centers are available and you have to choose the right one. This will ensure that you are guided to follow the right path at a crucial stage of your life. The Sooner woman will give up her addictions, the better chance of giving birth to a baby without complications.

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