Why The American Television Series Game Of Thrones Has Become Popular Across The World

No matter how much one talks about Game of Thrones, it will not be enough. It is a series that probably reached to the highest popularity among all the American television series. The story was adapted from the novel ‘The Song of Ice and Fire’ written by George R.R Martin. The theme of the story revolves around the Iron Throne. Nine royal families are fighting against each other to get the control over the throne. The series is not only about the battle but it covers all the aspects of life.

The series has created a few engaging scenes that sometimes offer heart wrenching and sometimes, offer heartwarming moments. Here are few scenes that created memorable moments in the audience in no particular order.

Few Significant Scenes

•The most heart wrenching scene is the execution of Ned Stark. He was a noble man and his death turned the mode of the story. The viewers find the series more interesting after the death of the most important character.

•Then comes the battle of Blackwater. The battle scene was breathtakingly interesting. The scene is the example of great editing and special effects.

•The confession of Tyrion is one of the scenes that marked the rise of a character who almost remained silent.

•The red wedding is a scene that unfolded the treachery of the plot. The scene showed the murder of King in the North and his pregnant queen.

•In the following season Arya Stark’s revenge on the house of Frey unleashed the bravery of a princes in armor.

•The murder of Jon Snow left the viewers in shock and in the following season the resurrection of the hero brought a new dimension to the plot.

•On the other hand, the death of a sweet character called Hodor made Bran cry. The scene also made Bran learn about the creation of Night king.

•One of the most intriguing scenes was the demolition of Sept of Baelor. The shrewd character Cersei bombed the entire building and killed many innocent people along with her daughter in law. In that same episode Cersei’s son committed suicide.

•The seventh season made the viewers spell bound by showing the breaking of the wall by dragon fire.

•On the other hand Game of Thrones Best Moments/Scenes are reunion of the family and killing of the Night King.

In conclusion, it is evident that, Game of Thrones is not a mere battle series that only depicted a fantasy. The series became popular due its outstanding production. The production includes large number of people who worked behind the scene to make a master piece.

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