How Did The Disbanding Of Pinoy Ako Bands Happen

When Pinoy Ako made it into songs and TV videos, there were many people who appreciated this move of Jover. But then was the final blow when almost all of the songs found a resemblance to the English songs and songs and meanings of other cultures. The blog had garnered a lot of audience base eventually with their writings and articles, the facts and the points of view and a lot more! Having all of these done, people were very keen on seeing how their songs and the bands would turn out to be.

Much to the disappointment of people, the songs had a resemblance to the English Songs, not just with the beats and the rhythm; but also with the lyrics. It looked so much like the translation of the very same song. The audience that was then so keen on listening out to the songs were eventually taken aback with this plagiarism and decided to withdraw from the status of the subscribers from the Pinoy Ako platform. Many of them then left reading the platform and also watching the series. The band did not sit right with the audience and hence decided to disband eventually, in the years ahead.

What Was The History Of The Band?

Hardly 7 days after it was reported that singer-songwriter Rico Blanco indeed left out the band Rivermaya, another well-known group allegedly had itself without a front man or the man with the vocals, or at least, one of its front men. Last July 26 at one of the most famous Cafés during the Sony models BMG Stone to come up with a Lifestyle event, some songs and the lyrics were observed and were concluded that the song Orange and Lemon was similar to some other song already launched, particularly regarding the information that one of its vocalists, Clem Castro, skipped out and will engage in a single profession and will now focus on his own career independently.

The band has always been in the talks since the day it was formed. It was more about the controversies revolving around the songs they made and the events they graced with their presence. Their songs made the resemblance to the songs made by the Beatles and somehow had angered the audience way more than they had expected! Many people even said that they did not wish to listen to the translation of the English songs, because they have already heard the English ones before and are to be comfortable with the same.

Members came in and went out of the band every now and then, and were made very clear that people wanted much more than the band was giving to them! Being in the Philippines, they had full exposure to making new songs, which they had almost failed. But even because of the personal differences and the member’s decisions to leave the band, the band had to disband eventually; over the years! For all the good, people believe it is for their own good that they decided to disband and not still continue as one.

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