How to Make it Right when Choosing a Real Estate Professional

We are always in doubt and not sure where to look for a qualified real estate professional whenever we are in the process of buying your home or selling it. The below content will help in providing the tips required for finding the right agent or broker or home buying consultancy who will guide and help in selling or buying your home. The very first thing that you must do is to have a research, which will help you avoid causing a huge dent in your wallet by saving thousands of dollars.

Understanding the Terms – Agents, Brokers or Realtors

The people who are in the business of selling and buying homes get known by different terms that you might have already heard of such as agents, brokers, or realtors.

A person who has managed to complete a set number of hours of training and passed a state exam and the license to sell the property is known a real estate agent. A real estate agent who went for further studies and has cleared state broker exam is known as broker. Real estate agents can be hired by brokers and can sell a property without affiliating with any company. A broker or agent who follows National Association of REALTORS strict code of ethics and has already paid the membership fees are known as REALTORS.

How to Find a Real Estate Professional?

The easiest way to find a real estate professional is through referrals. Check with your close friends or family or neighbors, who have recently sold or bought a house, or with your builder, mortgage loan officer, business associates, community members, etc. If this does not help, then checking in with the local association of REALTORS or the Chamber of Commerce will yield out the result based on the particular location where you intend to buy or sell the property.

Prospective Real Estate Professionals Need to Get Interviewed

Before selecting and finalizing on a real estate professional to represent you, you need to shortlist at least three prospective real estate pros and conduct a personal interview. To get more information about the real estate agent, such as experience, specialties, availability, schedule constraints and communication style, etc., we need to ask a set of questions which get prepared well before. The below are some of the questions that can get asked.

• Duration of real estate business

• At any given time the average number of clients

• Working since when in specific location

• Working alone or with team

• Specialized in dealing with buyers, sellers or both?

• For selling a home, what is the marketing plan? How is it different from others?

• Any vendor list for contractors, inspectors, lenders and title companies

• Type of feedback or reports on the status of the selling or buying. And the frequency of the same.

• Reference list of recent clients that agents have worked with.

Elimination and Selection

Based on the interview results you have conducted, eliminate the agents that you don’t feel are up to the mark. Check in with the references provided by the agents and get their feedback on the service of the agents. You can make the selection of a real estate agent with whom you feel your points will get understood, represent your interests and complete your real estate transaction honestly.

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